yiddish orchestra

Gothenburg Yiddish Orchestra – the orchestra concert on the big and small scenes, like klezmer project on cultural school, as the highlight of the party.

Dynamic klezmer sadness. With accordion, trumpet, clarinet, double bass and drums is room for both the big gestures and simmering finliret.


The group is based in Gothenburg, has existed since 2003 and has released CD Lé Chaim (Hebrew: ”to life” or ”bowl”). The repertoire consists of classic klezmer-hits as well as new songs with references from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Spanish-Sephardic tradition, North Africa, and New York.

Group Members:
Camilla Åström: Camilla started playing the accordion when she heard klezmer for the first time the 18-year-old. The passion for these musical roots are still there!

Salomon Helperin: trumpet. Solomon, third generation ”Swedish”, got the traditional klezmer music with milk. Solomon shofar (Jewish liturgical ram horns), Duduk and snails, stretch out the Eastern Jewish music tradition into a journey from Eastern Europe to the Sephardic and Arabic musical traditions.

Per Svenner: drums. Per is a versatile and energetic drummers often heard playing crazy Eastern European party music, and more!

Bassist and clarinet is vacant

Gothenburg Yiddish Orchestra is also available as a quartet, trio or duo.